ICV Producing 3 Hybrid Event Live Webcasts

ICV produces 3 Hybrid Event Webcasts in December.

Healthcare Transparency Summit Live Webcast Hybrid Event
Medicare Readmissions Summit Live Webcast Hybrid Event
RAC Summit Portal Live Webcast Hybrid Event

Hybrid events bring the in person and virtual event together. How do you produce a Hybrid Event? It requires event management skills, web engineering expertise and video production experience.

Your webcasting partner should have the experience needed to support complete webcasting services for thousands of hybrid events. At ICV using our own media portal webcasting platform, our onsite staff captures your the audio and video streams from your event. Working with your event or production team, we utilize any visual, audio or graphic assets to send the synchronized stream out to the web.

Online attendees can be given free access, you can sell access or share it with groups. They watch live, chat and participate with the in room audience and speakers. A true Hybrid Meeting environment.  We create an on-demand event archive of the same Live streaming video presentations for on-demand viewing.

Hybrid Event Uses


Large Scale Conference events – Multi-room, multi-day hybrid event is webcast live to hundreds or even thousands of online attendee viewers.  Professional summits, keynotes or congress level events, annual industry or trade events all benefit from the global hybrid event model. Share or sell access at a very granular level.
Meetings or Announcements – Corporate announcements, quarterly meetings, all-hands meetings, product launches, press conferences, shareholder or earnings calls and other organizational briefings with audience spread across a wide geographic area. Secure access can be used during the live event. After the event, control access to your archive of content and share if appropriate. 
Training – Blend on-site training with on-line training using live streaming video and synchronized slides, quizzes and other assets. Build a library of training online for on-demand use. For product support, internal training, HR or sales training using guest speakers, subject matter experts and classroom training seminars.
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