Live Webcasting in Brussels again

Brussels is a Fantastic City

The people there are wonderful, the food and ambiance is unmatched. We were back in Brussels and enjoyed working there again for the International Association of Privacy Professionals –

A Multi-day multi room Live webcast of cyber security training and information for Privacy Professional education.

ICV streamed live and built a custom Media Portal for the IAPP to use for selling access to the live sessions as well as on-demand archive content. We also included the ability for them to manage access to the sessions themselves. They have the option of setting certain sessions to be free to watch such as these sessions:

Media Portal for Live webcasting

With an ICV live webcasting media portal we manage the entire webcast environment for you. WE build and launch the website, we host it, we manage it We setup user registration, e-commerce if needed. We handle the archiving of all recorded content immediately after the event. Post event sales and then planning for the venue for your next event.



Take a look at this Media portal which the IAPP uses – – and even ask them about us..

ICV learn more here:

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