CAPG Conference Live Webcast in Washington DC

Live webcasting services for CAPG in Washington DC

 Washington DC was the location for the 2017 Annual CAPG Colloquium Conference.

ICV was there as the webcasting service provider once again. This 3 day event at the Hyatt Regency in Washington DC, included dozens of breakout rooms as well as the General Sessions being webcast from the Grand Ballroom.

As part of the webcast production services we provide, CV was responsible for managing content, data and the agenda for over 100 speakers dozens of sessions and thousands of onsite and online attendees.

The streaming video of the sessions is offered after the event in an online media portal library for purchase using the e-commerce aspect of our custom V3 Media Portal. Sessions are webcast as Synchronized Video and Powerpoint programs as well as single window video-only sessions.

Using our live webcast Flypack production racks equipped with Ki-Pro recorders, Panasonic HS-50 HD switchers and Folsom ImagePro graphics converters We combined pre-recorded content, computer screen graphics and animations to produce the live show.

We utilized Panasonic AK HC3800 HD-SDI cameras and RoboCams for multiple camera angles.

Shooting and recording in over 10 concurrent rooms over the three days, ICV utilized Newtek Tricasters to switch the content live. We gathered, edited and encoded terabytes of digital video that was captured on the Ki-Pro Ki-stors, we transferred it onsite to our mobile After Effects and Premier pro workstations.

Uploading to our Media Portal where the client cold preview and review sessions as we then also released them in edited form for on-demand viewing.

Our V3 Media Portals combined with our HD video production webcasting services makes ICV’s skillset the most complete in the webcasting industry. not just the streaming, not just the delivery, not just the production, CDN and hosting but the archived media portal, and e-commerce after the event as well.

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