Chicago for Pack Expo – Live Webcasting

ICV was live webcasting in Chicago for the Packaging Expo 

ICV sent video crews and HD video equipment for this 3 day event.HD video production crews spread out across this incredibly large event at McCormick Place. If you’ve never been to an event in Chicago… Wow..
We travel a lot but this venue always amazes you by it’s sheer size.

We deployed a Media Portal and provided crew, equipment and web development services on site for the Live webcast.

We captured Keynote sessions as we ll as content from the Show Floor. Live HD video was streamed to a custom Video Player which ICV develops. we offer Synchronized Powerpoint slides alongside the streaming video so yor viewers get the same experience an on-site  attendees do.

Final Cut editing was done there at the event for content that waas destined for archive use.. Video files were uploaded to our review site for comment and approval and once approved, we encoded to MP4 streaming files and they were uploaded to our LMS media portal for administration by the client’s staff. these finished pieces cold be combined with other digital assets or shared as video /Powerpoint presentations.

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