ICV is Live Webcasting in Fremont for Intematix

ICV is in Fremont this afternoon webcasting a company meeting to a global audience for Intematix. 
Intematix has established itself as a leading provider of phosphors to the LED lighting industry and has a growing global workforce as well as partners and vendors across the globe. Webcasting makes sense financially and from a practical perspective.
Intematix has found that using an ICV built Media Portal to broadcast, archive and provide access to their growing library of digital assets and video streaming content makes good financial sense.
We can easily roll one of our Video Flypack webcasting racks, hook up one or more of our HD cameras, setup our webcast streaming encoder and we’re streaming video with synchronized PowerPoint slides. 
We provide a custom branded video player. We handle all of the web design and encoding tasks. We have the system all sorted out and we require almost no resources from your staff to launch a live webcast and an archived on-demand streaming video web portal.
All you have to do is provide a broadband internet connection.
ICV Live Webcast Video Player with Synchronized Powerpoint Display
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