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ICV Crews arrived in Los Angeles this morning to setup for the 3 day Live webcast of the Accountable Care Organization conference.

There will be three content-rich pre-conferences and twenty-two concurrent sessions which ICV will be recording and simultaneously live webcasting. INcluding the Keynote sessions. Lie video with live synchronized PowerPoint slides in a branded streaming video player.

With the subject matter offering participants a chance to learn more about the Medicare Shared Savings and Pioneer ACO programs, private sector ACO partnerships, Medicaid, Dual Eligible and safety net-focused ACOs. Hundreds will  be in attendance live and hundreds otehrs will participate via the web by watching the Live webcast.

Media Portal
Our Web development team here in the Bay Area are updating the archive Media Portal with daily content. This Video Streaming Media Portal is a unique tool only ICV has developed for the live webcasting market.

The ICV Video Streaming Media Portal  allows our clients to maintain a library of the video content that can be made available to subscribers.  For example, this is our 3 year producing this event. The Archive Media Portla we built for the client gives them the ability to offer their customers access to on-demand streaming video of every session from each annual event. Use these videos as marketing pieces, sell them individually or offer “all access” paid subscriptions to the content using our simple user and content management tools.

HDX 3100 Video Camera rentals  – Great for Live Webcasting

HD video live webcasting using our HPX 3100 Cameras and Ki-Pro recorders. Our video production crews will push our live streaming video all day long. Learn more about the event here:
ACO Congress

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