ICV produces live streaming webcast in Anchorage Alaska

Crews hopped up to Anchorage Alaska for our client HCPro to  produce another in a series of healthcare leadership training webcasts. Hosted by Southcentral Foundation, the day long webcast was streamed to a wide audience that had paid to take part in the deep-dive presentation to hear from leaders at Southcentral Foundation about how they created a unique healthcare system with a 93 percent customer-owner satisfaction.

Live Streaming these type of leadership and learning discussions proves to be a very cost-effective way for practitioners, administrators and professionals to learn from the most successful leaders in healthcare.

HCPro has an ongoing series of these valuable courses which ICV produces around the country.

Using our custom Stream Media Portal and our portable webcasting video production racks, ICV is able to manage the entire process from web development, hosting and content management to the HD video production and crew. We travel to the location, setup, test and stream to the web portal which our web developers in California customize and deploy.

Mobile video players, embeddable links and e-commerce with user management are all part of the webcasting service package you get when you work wiht ICV Live Webcasting.

Learn more about how easy it is to Live Webcast. Give us a call or scan our website for some easy to read background on webcasting, streaming and HD video production.

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