IRCE Mobile Conference – ICV is there Live webcasting

ICV DIgital Media was selected for the 4th year in a row to provide all HD Video Services and Live Webcasting technology for the IRCE 2012 MMCF Conference. 

Held in San Diego this year, the MMCF 2012 spanned 3 days and offered over 40 speakers and more than 25 sessions of content, all of which ICV captured. Select content was edited on the show floor by ICV Staff using Final Cut Pro. These finished pieces were encoded and uploaded to the IRCE Media Portal for streaming. The Media Portal,  which was created by ICV Web Designers back in Pleasanton Ca. Our web development team builds this media portal so that IRCE can control access to archived on-demand streaming video content while managing the content.

HD Video streaming and live webcasting
ICV Live webcasting onsite

The show was a huge effort on all parts. We brought our Video Flypack HD video Production racks with us as well as multiple Mac Pro desktops and Macbook laptops to handle the Editing and video streaming tasks.

HD Video Flypacks - FlyPack Rentals
HD Video Flypacks – FlyPack Rentals

Leading experts in the fast-developing world of mobile commerce fill the speaker’s roster at Internet Retailer’s Mobile Marketing & Commerce Forum 2012. 

The Keynote Speaker, Steve Yankovich from eBay,  brought the house down at MMCF 2012 in San Diego. 
We work hard at these IRCE events but we also find them very interesting. 

Lots of great information. Check out the IRCE 2012 Conference Portal. A full featured video streaming webcast Media Portal we build and host for the event. Free Preview of Content

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