Leraning Management Systems and Webcasting

Webcasting as a part of your product mix

More and more we see our webcasting services being a part of a broader marketing initiative. A live webcast shouldn’t be a standalone service these days. There is so much that can feed off of webcasting an event. You’re leaving profit on the table if you don’t use webcasting to draw people into your ecosystem. It certainly is a fantastic engaging means of getting the eyeballs. And heck, you can charge for access if your event is well planned and id the subject matter is well Chosen.

We can provide Live webcasting services at the low cost we do, because we have the webcasting process, the webcasting equipment and the webcasting crews so well sorted out that we dont have to make each client suffer our inefficiencies.

We book travel and ship gear faster then anyone.
We build a custom e-commerce portal with controlled user access to streaming video and learning content very quickly. Even on site.

We’d rather work everyday for less then other firms, then work once a month at a cost that is hard to justify. And we will compare our media and video quality against anyones. We have been at this for over 25 years. Over 120 years webcasting.

Now our Webcasting Video Flypacks are in demand by production companies that want to rent Video Flypacks.

These Flypacks are built using equipment that we carefully picked and had the manufacturer’s engineers integrate for us.
The tools we use are time tested. We’ve made all the mistakes already. We know what flat out works.

Once clients learn how ICV can produce all of the video and media content they need, as well as the Web and webcast services they want, we are usually asked to become their technology partner in development and marketing.

ICV’s live webcasting and live streaming experience can be a very powerful aid in building a library of very robust content. How many of your competitors have a vendor/partner that can record, and webcast from a different city or country every week?

Then take that content with synchronized Powerpoint slides, add quizzing, your Word or Excel docs and allow you to easily create coures and learning content?

Not many I would bet. And if you know of a competitor that has these tools they are likely our client….

With our Media Portals not only do we build the web apps and integrate any existing video content you have, we manage the entire Live Webcasting process. We deal with the venue, your IT department, the hosting. All of it.  then we can deploy OnLine Certification training and testing along with the live and on-demand streaming presentations.

We just returned from Live webcasting medical training in Ontario California. We built a custom LMS and e-learning web site application. Client can sell subscriptions, assign groups, assign a certain number of  seats for access to the online video, text and quiz learning content, create that learning content.

Their clients are hospitals or clinics.  We create a custom API for easy connectivity by your customer service reps to maintain the users.

Call 925-426-8230 for info on the complete cycle of Learning Management creation and how you can profit by moving your consultant services online!

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