Live Webcasting for Debra King in Asilomar

ICV Provides Live Webcast for best selling author Debra King

Video Flypacks prove invaluable to the events success.
ICV once again worked with best selling author and world famous healer Debra King to webcast a two day Life Healing workshop in Asilomar near Carmel California.

Live webcasting to a worldwide audience was made possible by ICV web Developers who built a secure e-commerce streaming video media portal. Thsi allows you to sell secure access to your event, or share it freely as you desire.

The content lives on as an on-demand archive of streaming video for ongoing access and sales.
Using our video flypacks with 3 matching Panasonic 3100 HD cameras, recording to Ki Pro recorders made the production setup a painless process. Roll the flypacks into the venue, connect the cameras and racks with the 5 cables provided, flip a few switches.
Everything is matched, mated and connected.
The Panasonic HS 450 Switcher, combined with the Blackmagic VideoHub, the Folsom and the Shure audio provide all controls needed for the HD live webcast. Stream out to the web and record for post production for later use on DVD as well as encoded edited on-demand web video.
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