Live Webcasting for eBay

Live Event Webcasting Services for eBay

ICV is in San Jose Live webcasting another in a series of eBay webcasts. ebay uses live webcasting to reach out to it’s partners and sellers to keep them informed of changes to eBays tools, offerings and marketplace services.

Live webcasting events globally

Helping their eBay sellers increase sales while providing buyers with the most responsive and flexible marketplace worldwide makes Live Webcasting and the video streaming services ICV provides an integral part of their global communication infrastructure. The regularly scheduled Live webcasts are deployed within an ICV Media Portal on short notice – often within a day after the decision has been made to webcast.

Live webcasting Events

Timing is critical because news about a new feature rollout or changes to the search or selling environment need to be communicated immediately to the eBay community. This assures that everyone involved can leverage and make the most of the constant improvements eBay makes to their ecosystem. For maximum benefit the live webcast event is archived in the media portal for later on-demand viewing if you need that.

ICV has dedicated web development staff, video production staff and video flypack live webcasting gear that allows us to respond whenever a webcast is needed. We custom code and build all of the live webcasting tools, websites and landing pages needed for our clients to control their webcasts and the access to them.

Webcast securely and with confidence anytime, anywhere.

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