Live Webcasting for New England Journal of Medicine

Live Webcasting in Salt Lake City

The New England Journal of Medicine chose ICV Live Webcasting Services to again webcast an event in the Leadership Webcast series.

 Featuring a Panel of speakers and interaction with the onsite and online audience the event was viewed online by over 3500 virtual attendees. ICV utilized our V3 Media Portal service to manage the webcast data and to provide a secure web portal and player for viewers.  Our webcasts include Chat for attendees and Live online support for viewers.
Our V3 Media Portal serves as the administrative backend for speaker, presentation, user and agenda management. The same media portal is where we launch and run the Front end of the webcast.

This custom website and the mobile friendly video players are easily deployed and scaled to multiple events if needed. We provide this service to all of our webcasting clients.

We manage the entire webcasting initiative for NEJM webcasting multiple events across the country, from company meetings to worldwide health advisory webcasts.

Learn why NEJM chose ICV over other Live Webcasting Companies to be their streaming video partner.  

ICV Digital Media Conference Webcasting.
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