Live webcasting HD video production for CTIA Mobilecon

Live HD video production and Streaming for CTIA Mobilecon

ICV has crews in San Jose for the CTIA Wireless Mobilecon event. We are again providing Live HD video production and Live streaming from the show.

We have multiple video production crews on site for the 3 day event. 8000+ attendees and 100+ companies are there. It’s a really interesting event. Even though we are too busy to really walk the show and take it all in. We do get to interview and shoot  a lot of interesting people talking about emerging mobile technologies and initiatives.

We are shooting in what is called the Buzz Zone, a live streaming interview set on the show floor. Then we have another crew walking the show and shooting at various exhibits with a Show host. And we have 2 mobile flypacks with editors on site cutting produced pieces from the video.

Our Panasonic HPX 500 HD cameras are running P2 cards. The crews go out and shoot, then return with the p2 cards and swap them out for 2 clean cards. THe editors load the ProRes footage into Final Cut Pro on the Flypack Macs and start editing.

For the interview shoots we have our Mobile Video Flypacks setup with the Panasonic AW HS50 Digital Switchers. Great HD-SDI switchers. Two HPX 3100 HD Cameras are used for each interview set. Kino flos and other lights, including LED lights are employed on the sets as needed.

We employ our streaming encoding process to send the live switched stream to our streaming video player at

Our job doesn’t end at the editing. We then upload those videos upon approval from the live show to our media portal where the client can manage what videos to play, when to play them and who can get access.For the archive produced pieces, the editor using final cut on the video flypack, cuts and plays back for approval. We then FTP them up to the Media Portal where they can stream on-demand to our video player. ICV manages the entire production and web presence.
We build the media portal website for the streaming media and manage the hosting as well.

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