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ICV Live webcasting in Washington DC

2 Events.  We flew our crews out to Washington DC for this set of events we have been webcasting for 5 years now. We also took the opportunity to drive one of our Video Flypacks out to DC for 2 webcasting events – Medicare RAC Summit and Predictive Modeling Summit. We used to be video flypack rental customers but last year we made the business decision to invest in building and designing our own video flypacks for our use and for flypack rentals.

Flypacks in the ICV Video Studio

Well, we finished building a number of our flypacks as I mentioned in another post. 
ICV Large HD Producer Flypacks for rent

We have a staffer that is based in DC, one in Dallas and one in Phoenix so we are moving gear to those locations this fall and winter as schedule allows. 
We also recently bought a great truck to use for this.
The truck and 2 man crew left early and had a bit of an adventure but got the flypack to DC in time. So now we have Webcasting Gear and Crew in DC and in Phoenix.

The multi event webcasting went without a hitch. Thousands of paid online Live Webcast attendees and hundreds in person. Our application handles the registration, sales, and access of teh video streaming both live and archived.

We provide custom Web Development – Our Media Portal web application has the great benefit of allows our clients to contain all of their streaming video content in one website. organized by event.E-commerce sales of access to the content or free sharing is possible. The Portal includes user management and hosting of the Streaming Video files on a robust CDN.

Add to that  our 10 years of Live Webcasting experience. All you have to to is provide the venue and we take it from there.

Here is one of our Flypacks being used for the live webcasting in DC. We can configure these quickly for webcasting for your rentals. 

If you need a video flypack rental in the San Francisco Bay Area or anywhere in northern or southern California, call us: Video Flypack Rentals 925-4256-8230

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