Live webcasting in Las Vegas is a Wrap

ICV wraps webcast at CTIA Mobile Conference

A busy month at ICV. Live webcasting and media portal development.

Our crew returned from Las Vegas with our Video FLypacks having served us well on the show floor at CTIA2013. Our Video Flypacks let us shoot, produce multicamera live feeds, and edit produced interviews in Final Cut. 

Jennifer Lopez live webcast 
We shot on our HD HPX500 cameras using P2 card backups, using Panasonic HD AW HS50 switchers and our Big Daddy HS 450 HD-SDI Switcher, Always recording to AjA Ki-Pro recorders
We used out webcasting Media Portal tools to stream live webcasts of the Keynote sessions at CTIA. We setup a Buzz Zone set for interviews and edited and posted these from the CTIA show.
Crews are also back from Spain after a Live Webcast in Madrid.
Ashton Kutcher at CTIA. Live Webcast by ICV
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