Live Webcasting in Madrid Spain for International Pharma Congress

Live Webcasting in Madrid Spain

ICV Packed up for a multilingual Live Webcast in Madrid for the International Pharma Congress.
Our developers customized and launched a Video Player and Web Portal for the event. Crews fly in Saturday and are setting up right now for the 6 Room event.
2 simultaneous Live video streams: English and Spanish are being webcast. Our second time in Spain.
We’ll bring Panasonic HPX 500 Cameras, AjA Ki-pro recorders and a few Panasonic AW HS50 HD video switchers as well as a whole host of other gear.
We are very experienced air travel packers..
Flying Delta this time. They have a special Media deal that lets you bring Cameras on as an extra piece of carryon if your credentials are right..
We’ll be shooting for 4 days streaming video, with synchronized PowerPoint. The Media Portal we build allows the client to create a access controlled, e-commerce powered archive of webcasts which provides ongoing revenue from the sale of access to the event to future users and viewers of the video streams. Also growing the live webcast revenues by way of an increased audience of Web only sales.
This is the 6th International Pharma Congress we have shot. In the past we have traveled to Brazil, China, Italy and beyond for this event.
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