Live webcasting in Malaysia

International Webcasting Services  in Asia

ICV returned from Malaysia after webcasting in Kuala Lumpur for the Asian Pharma Compliance Congress.  Great event that we streamed out live to a global webcasting audience.

We also provide the Archive Media Portal web design and video hosting for the event website. The client uses our e-commerce module for on-demand sales of the content.

Our Media Portal allows the client to control access and monitor use and sales. They can offer a free preview to visitors so you can see the content before you buy it.

This client has grown their event business globally over the last 5 yearswith ICV’s ability to easily travel to any international location and manage the entire live webcast process. This allows this client to have a truly global market and a greatly expanding global clientele. Selling your archived webcast content is a great way to add revenue and build an audience for your events.

Locally webcasting works too. 

Clients also use our media portals as Corporate media libraries of training and compliance materials for HR onboarding, executive announcements and shareholder meetings. Combining the Media Portal web development services ICV provides with our Townhall Webcasting services and you can stream and archive all of your important corporate announcements.

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