Live Webcasting in Washington DC for the NAACOS Conference

NAACOS chooses ICV Live Webcasting as their Live Webcasting partner

ICV has now broadcast 2 NAACOS events live for the National Association of ACOs. In April a Live Webcast from Baltimore and this week from Washington DC.

Choosing ICV as their Live Webcasting company of choice give NAACOS access to the global experience and staff that ICV Live Webcasting provides.

ICV’s 20 years of video streaming and live webcasting experience means ICV manages all of  technology for any live webcast anywhere NAACOS chooses to stream video from.

The ICV V3 Media Portal at houses all live and on-demand video webcasts for all NAACOS events.

ICV live webcasting services include all video production, all web development, streaming video, network deployment for custom Media Portals, mobile friendly video players and all user registration and e-commerce processes.

With offices across the country and in Europe, ICV is ready to webcast any size meeting or event anywhere.

Are you looking for a Washington DC live webcasting company? Check our Washington DC Live Webcasting Mini-site for a quick answer to your Washington DC webcasting questions.

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