Live webcasting services for Marketo and Fireeye

Townhall Webcasts and Global Live Webcasting – Same success different scale

More and more companies have the need to share their quarterly all hands town hall meetings with an increasingly global workforce. Securely broadcast the live executive presentations and roadmap plans to all of their employees no matter the place or time zone. ICV Digital Media’s Townhall webcast model delivers that service anywhere anytime. Personal messages broadcast globally.

Using our well honed webcasting production process and a custom developed Media Portal web platform we produce, manage and deliver the entire live webcasting service process.

Using fulltime staff from our locations in The San Francisco bay area, Washington, DC, Chicago, Atlanta and internationally in London, England. We deploy our mobile video flypack racks and our full time staff of HD video production experts.

Our web developers quickly deploy your custom private website media portal. Your mobile friendly HLS video players will be branded and embeddable into your own website if you like.

We can go live in a day from anywhere in the country or the world. ICV has experience live webcasting across the globe.

Recently we have been chosen to webcast corporate presentations and quarterly meetings by, Marketo, Fireeye, Ebay and Blackhawk networks.

Visit our websites for more information on our HD production, Live webcasting service and our web development delivery services. What does having one vendor provide all those services mean to you?

That means you don’t have to use any of your internal staff or resources to produce an online media portal with a library of archived webcasts and we don’t have to rely on flaky partners as we do it all ourselves.

We’ve been at this for 25 years. Trust ICV with your live webcasting.


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