Live Webcasting Services in Pasadena e-learning

Live Webcasting for E-learning

ICV was in Pasadena for a live webcast of Hospital Administration and Management online training. Our client sells access to the live webcasts which ICV produces. Subject Matter Experts and instructors lead the online streaming audience in day long training seminars.
ICV provides the Video Flypack webcasting services. We provide the streaming video player, the website that controls access to the event and the archived video streaming hosting and video streaming delivery. 
Our Media Portal allows the client to sell access after the fact as on-demand training, extending the value and revenues on the content. We build and offer a custom Event Registration and Management web application that has been designed to work seamlessly with our custom Learning Management System which the client uses to build custom courses for the users. 
The client can login and track and report on the users progress and sell certification.
Contact us to learn more about our unique Media Portal. Which merges a number of critical media tools in a single portal.
Live Webcasting
  • Live webcasting services
  • Streaming video players
  • User Management
  • Sell using our e-commerce process
  • Archive video streaming
We provide Los Angeles Webcasting services have the Video Production gear to support all of your online webcasting or HD video production. 925-426-8230
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