Live Webcasting Services in Washington DC for Pharma Congress

Live Webcasting in Washington DC for Pharma Congress

The 15th annual Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress is in session in Washington DC this week.
ICV sent a crew to produce the live webcast of the event.

Here in our Pleasanton California studio we updated the media portal that the client has been using for the past 7 years we have provided live webcasting services for the event. The ICV Media Portal serves as the online library and archive of past live webcast events. All video streaming and synchronized PowerPoint slides, speaker presentations, and event information is available within the portal.

Branded, designed and styled for the event, our web developers create e-commerce processes, marketing email tools, and user registration tools that manage the entire event.

ICV’s Live webcasting services are the most complete yet flexible webcasting service available anywhere. Built in flexibility and redundancy for proven global webcasts that can build audience and revenue and serve your corporation’s digital asset needs.

We are a webcasting company that cares about long term relationships.

Pharma Congress Live Webcasting by ICV
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