Live Webcasting Services in Washington DC for SPLUNK and Silicon Angle

Live Conference Webcasting in Washington DC

ICV’s Washington DC Live Webcasting crews are working for Silicon Angle at the SPLUNK .conf2017 event in our Nations Capital.

Deploying our Tri-Caster video flypacks we setup a 3 camera live switch with LED lighting and truss staging. Crew also walk the show floor to capture ad-hoc interviews and commentary. All of the content is sent back through the TriCaster and our encoders to stream live to The Cube.

Packages of content are captured and edited on-site in Premier Pro adding graphics, B-Roll and such. These streamed directly and uploaded to Multiple CDN and Social destinations including Youtube and Ustream and Facebook for on-Demand sharing.

ICV manages the entire video webcasting production including all HD gear, crew and complete production services at the venue.

Using Canon C-300 cameras, Panasonic Robocams, Newtek TriCasters and our custom configured flypacks we can setup in hours what most companies take a day to configure.

We also provide the content backend with an ICV V3 Media Portal, Streams to any YouTube, Ustream Facebook or to a custom secure website we’ll launch for you.

Find out if Live Webcasting your conference or corporate Meetings is right for your organization.

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