Streaming Video at the ServiceNow conference in Florida

Live Webcasting in Orlando for the Silicon Angle

ICV deployed a full live webcasting production crew to Orlando Florida for a Live Webcasting project at the OC Convention Center. This live event included multiple live and recorded streams from locations around the convention center.

Full Webcast Production Racks

Bringing in Multiple Flypack Mobile Production Racks and 3 crews of TD’s Camera Operators and editors, ICV worked alongside the Silicon Angle producers to stream hundreds of hours of content.

Live production on the Show floor, interview style as well as panel discussions in the User Group Sessions were all captured in HD with our Panasonic AK HC3800 Fiber cameras. Each mobile rack was equipped with Ki-pro recorders, a TriCaster and an HD HS50 switcher.

Live Conference Webcasting

Live webcasting to the ServiceNowMedia Portal and multiple private networks using embed codes, the webcast spanned 3 days. With 3 production stations setup around the show, ICV proves again that it can easily scale to produce, stage and manage the largest live webcast events.

Clients employ our live webcasting services in Orlando for events like the Knowledge 17 event throughout the year.

We’re heading to Brussels now for a Varian webcast. See you soon.

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