Webcasting – It can be a scary thing

It can be a scary thing. If you come at it with the perspective and experience of a web developer you may never understand the video production aspect of it.

Conversely, if you come at it from a video production perspective, you may never fully appreciate or understand the web angle that webcasting, live webcasting requires to be a complete solution.  Both aspects of webcasting become very apparent to anyone that researches, is trying to arrange live webcasting an event or is trying to put together a location webcast.

And once you have managed one, it’s clear that it is not for the faint of heart. Until you’ve done a multi room live social webcast…. you have no idea. Oh yeah we rack up the TrueBlue, Rapid Rewards and Elevate points…We are really good at packing…

Bring the Skills Together
ICV has experience in Video and Web. But iut wasnt alwasy that way…After years of learning on the fly, we feel comfortable with the big picture of “Webcasting”. If you’re a web company that maybe does a little encoding, you need that Video Production experience. We had to live the “dream” to get there…We’re doing Webcasting today because clients asked us about it. So we learned. We already had most of the skills in house. We just needed to meld them together.. That has been the interesting part..

People want to Webcast. But do you?
There is no doubt that the demand for Webcasting services is growing quickly. Webcasting Services will be in greater and greater demand in the coming months and years. We see it happening. If you’re a company that wants to sell webcasting services and you don’t have that experience in house the number of challenges it WILL create in managing a project is hard for me to describe here. I’ll put it this way;
In today’s webcasting marketplace, if you get a call from a client for a live webcast, say 300 people, in 3 rooms, over 3 days, on the other coast. And they want polling, chatting, and they need synchronized PowerPoint’s. Oh, and they want to have it available after the event and be able to sell access. And of course they want reporting on access and usage. Possibly some testing for CME credit and stuff….

If you don’t already know what equipment you’re going to have sitting on the table in the back of the room, you don’t want to put that live webcast together…

Like anything in today’s video/web environment, there are emerging opportunities everywhere. You just have to understand how to deliver them to your clients.

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