Live Company Update Webcast for StubHub

Live Webcast for StubHub

StubHub once again called upon ICV Live Webcasting Services to share their company update meeting from the San Jose office with their worldwide teams. Setting our mobile production flypacks into action we arrive early check the venue footprint and test the internet connection. All good? Yep now we open the flypack (which are all pre configured and set for webcasting), Stand up the Panasonic 3100 HD cameras, hook up the SDI video cable, grab an audio feed and flip a switch. Sounds easy? Oh don’t forget to  get the web developers back at the ICV Video Studio to deploy a secure webcast video player that works on all devices, set up user reporting and configure the domain name and hosting and setup the CDN for absolute rock solid video streaming transport to any viewer in the world.

Countdown clock hits 00:00:00 and we’re live.

We make it sound easy but an honest 15+ years, 1000+ webcasts on 4 continents, (can you name all 7 continents?) gives us the experience to webcast live with confidence.

Check out our Live Webcasting map of where we are webcasting and where we have been. I havent even listed them all. I get busy but I try to keep the map Updated once a week. Need Live Webcasting Services? Look for a Live Webcasting Company?


Learn more about ICV Live Webcasting in California New York Live Webcasting, Washington DC Live Webcasting and well webcasting anywhere.

Thanks and Happy New Year!


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