Live Webcasting in Nashville Tennessee

Live Webcasting in Nashville TN for the New England Journal of Medicine.

ICV was in Nashville providing Live Webcasting Services for NEJM. Charged with producing not only the live webcast with it’s global audience but also the web presence, ICV’s staff of Web Developers built and launched the custom website media portal for the event. 

Live Webcasting Services - Webcasting Company ICV

The Website includes Secure registration, archive agendas of past events and a custom responsive video player that allows users to watch the webcast on any device. The excellent program delivered an important message about providing complete healthcare with an understanding of the challenges unique to different populations.

ICV’s live webcasting services include not only the Video Production, but also the hosting of the video content on a global CDN (Content Delivery Network), a custom secure website, and video player at the URL of YOUR choice, and all user and access support and management.

ICV provides complete live webcasting for conferences, events and meetings to organizations across the country that want a truly professional and secure webcast delivery system. 

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