Media Portals for Archived Webcasts

Do You Archive Your Webcasts? 

You should. All of our webcasts can include a custom Media Portal.

Our custom
 Media Portal webcasting service requires no installation hassles, no IT costs and no staffing. You can provide access to a dynamic online portal of Streaming Video, Audio, synchronized PowerPoint, documents and imagery in a branded professional website.

Don’t send clients or employees to YouTube to watch videos. With a Media Portal you’ll keep visitors within your website where they have access to all of your existing information, and you’ll have additional marketing opportunities.

An ICV Media Portal provides a consolidated online Video, Audio, Powerpoint media asset management solution to manage the lifecycle of your media. Upload, share, sell, train and publish your video and other training media anywhere with complete control. Schedule, archive, manage and deliver news and information within ICV’s Media Portal. 

Your users stream audio and video with Powerpoint syncs right through the Web interface, eliminating the need to download the assets. News articles and discussions can be shared along with documents, training courses and certification. All in a secure collaborative website. Easily manage content, users, marketing and outreach within your custom branded Media Portal.

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