Live Webcasting Services for New England Journal of Medicine

Live Webcasting Services for NEJM – EBOLA Outbreak News

NEJM contacts ICV to build, deploy and produce an NEJM live webcast about the Ebola Outbreak. Slated to start Wednesday October 22nd at 2pm Eastern, experts will discuss Virology, Epidemiology, and clinical care as it relates to Ebola. International experts with hands-on experience provide the latest information on the Ebola outbreak, including recent cases in the U.S., protection for health care professionals and the general public, and the projections for the future.

With only 4 days to prepare, ICV sets the wheels in motion with New England Journal of Medicine staff to organize and produce the free streaming webcast.

Our live webcasting services staff will be managing the webcast from our Video Studio switching feeds from remote locations in New England and sending the stream to our video player for NEJM.

Learn more about ICV and Live Webcasting at 925-426-8230

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