I want to do it myself!

How many of you webcast service providers have a provision for client created social webcasting?

Do you have a process that allows them to integrate their ppt or graphics in a synchronized fashion with video they produce them selves? How many people that use webcasting care to do this?
Well, it turns out, kinda a lot.

We have a few clients that produce their own videos. And fewer still that care to take the time to create complete presentations that have synchronized PowerPoint graphics timed to their video.
But almost ALL of our clients want to use online presentations in some way. Once we show people how they can use these and they see for themselves hwo effective they are, especially when coupled with asset management and training and learning management. Organizations that don’t use it now would build online content if it was easy and inexpensive.

In many cases this is simply something that they feel would be too difficult, technical or time-consuming to do. They would rather pay us to provide webcasting services and presentation development for them.

But we hear from these clients that they forgo opportunities and do not use even our services as often as they would like. They aren’t publishing because of perceived and real, cost, skill or procurement issues.

It’s clear that many would get much more use and value from a simple process that would allow them to build and deploy presentations simply within a personally controlled Portal that cost very little to launch and manage.
Sure you can license or subscribe to very few SaaS providers. But in comparison to a system like Adobe Connect or the like, there are many benefits both technical and financial to having a system that is your own.

* You can control access and content
* You can use your existing tools or A/V equipment to create media and video
* You can brand and integrate it into your existing web environment
* You can mix marketing with learning in the same portal if you wish
* You can control costs and not have ongoing license fees.
* Agile development geared to your specific needs.

ICV Digital Media is focusing on providing all of these in our current Webcast Learning Portal – a “WLP”
Portals that provide:

* Custom self created learning courses and training
* Full Access and user reporting
* Creation of mixed media Presentations
* Live and on-demand Webcast launcher
* Social webcasting
* Digital asset management
* User management

All with our typical strong VIDEO DNA.

We will be revealing more and more of the face of this application in coming weeks as.

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