Live Webcasting in Philadelphia PA

Live Webcasting services that manage the entire webcast

ICV is providing Live Webcasting Services using our V3 Media Portal for the Eighth Annual Population Health Colloquium Conference. Webcasting using our Media Portal allows us to manage the webcasts that are streaming from 7 rooms over three days.

The ICV V3 Media Portal provides complete live webcast management for any sized Live Event Webcast, from company meetings, town hall webcasts to global conferences with multiple rooms streaming concurrently. Automatically defining user groups and access to the streams based on purchases made through the included e-commerce module.

V3 Media Portal builds an entire website for your event that delivers both the Live and past events, at one web address. With it we can quickly launch event specific video players, build daily agendas and manage synchronized slides that are streamed with the Video. Add to that our full time staff of video production crew including camera operators, lighting and audio crew and a dedicated event manager with webcast technicians and you have complete Live Event Webcast Management.

Want to setup your own company webcasts within a secure website which you control, has your brand, and using the domain name of your choice? V3 Media Portal does that for you.  Learn more about complete, secure webcasting that is accesible and affordable.

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