Live Webcasting Services for Stanford MedX Conference

ICV provides Live Webcasting Service at Stanford University for Medicine X Conference

Webcasting a live event provides an opportunity for  sharing and embracing an audience far larger than an in room or in person event affords. When Medicine X contacted ICV about improving it’s webcasting initiative we had the answers to their questions. Their real goal is to make access to the live webcast video stream easy, flawless, and engaging. Security and confidence were at the forefront of their needs. A scalable and full service media partner was who they were looking for.Stanford Live Webcast

Having produced live webcasts using other well known vendors in the past,  Stanford’s Med-x found them lacking in many ways. Low quality video, inadequate bandwidth, less than professional equipment and staff had unfortunately resulted in less than ideal webcast experiences in the past.  An ambitious schedule of webcasts in the coming year meant Stanford had to have a reliable and bulletproof partner to handle the entire webcast process. The existing vendor was met with technical challenges in the video streaming could not be sorted out, web development of media portals or video players that had to work on mobile devices and phones was farmed out and was not completed as required, nor on-time and.

ICV answered all of Stanford’s webcasting questions and demonstrated through experience and examples of  current clientele that our webcasting process, fully professional HD video production flypacks and our full-time staff of webcast technicians and web developers and engineers was up to the challenge of producing Stanford’s schedule of live webcasts.


Medicine X and their live webcasts seek to be a catalyst for new ideas about the future of medicine and health care. The initiative seeks to share and empower by demonstrating how emerging technologies will advance medicine, improve health, and empower patients to be active participants in their own care. To encourage thinking beyond the norm webcasting is employed to bring teh new educational methods to everyone that wants to participate.

Our ICV Live webcasting tools employ HLS streaming players and secure encrypted login processes when required. Synchronized PowerPoint slides can be streamed in the responsive HTML5 video players. We utilize our live webcasting video Flypacks to provide the entire in house A/V audio video production solution. Cameras, switchers, encoders, lighting staging and of course the Live webcasting are all provided by ICV Full-Time staff no matter where the event is. We are equipped and experienced in Global travel and have webcast from Europe, Asia, South America and across our country.

We have a video studio in California where we originate webcasts from.

We love to webcast and we have a process that you can trust.

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