Townhall webcast – All hands meeting live video streaming

Webcasting Live Streaming for All-Hands Meetings

The past few months have been busy here. We are webcasting regularly for a number of clients who use our Live Webcasting Service to share company meetings with their workforce.

 Marketo, Fireeye, Avnet, eBay, VMware and others all rely on ICV Live Webcasting Services to handle the entire event and build the websites and players they need to securely share and store their video streaming content.

This week we are in Phoenix Arizona for a Company-Wide update webcast for Avnet. We also have crews in San Jose for Microsemi’s quarterly webcast.

Are you webcasting the right way? Affordably? IF you want to step up your communication and save time, trouble and money call ICV and let the webcasting experts handle the entire process.

From production to hosting. Secure, fast and complete. No staff resources or IT involvement needed. Just give us some bandwidth and we handle the rest!


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