Townhall Webcasting picks up steam

We have been busy working with a number of new live townhall webcasting clients here in the San Francisco and San Jose/Silicon Valley area. ICV provides Townhall webcasting services for Intematix, GOPro, Microsemi, Maketo and others. These local companies all sought us out as a webcasting solution for their Quarterly Company meetings and product announcements.

In the case of Marketo, they had previously tried to webcast to their global workforce using internal staff and resources. Having found this to be not only difficult to coordinate, but also technically challenging, they searched for live webcasting services in the San Francisco and San Jose Bay Area and found us on the web. They checked a few webcasting client references and then we spoke. We examined their requirements and performed some consultation and testing of various delivery methods for them.

Marketo required an internal location where users could access their webcasts only after being logged into their network. We delivered that solution as well as HD quality HTML 5 Streaming live video in a custom branded video player.

Our Media Portal was incorporated to provide an online archive of the webcasts we will be performing for them 4 times a year. We also are repurposing their existing video and training assets into the LMS aspect of the Media Portal for them.

We are able to provide companies of all sizes a complete live webcasting service and video content library solution. We handle the entire process from venue to web design to e-commerce if that’s what you want to do.

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