Webcasting and Application Development

Crews returned from Florida where we provided live webcasting services for 2 Live webcast clients at the same time. ICV can put out multiple HD video Production crews anywhere. And those crews come equipped with Live Webcasting services in their suitcases! Well, almost.. We are VERY experienced at traveling to global locations to provide our live webcasting services.

Orlando for Satmetrix and Ft. Lauderdale for IT Healthcare Connect.
Back in California, our web developers were busily coding custom media Portal technology for both clients. The technology in the Media Portal allows us to use a password protected live webcast player  on the days of the events, and then after the event we transition the portal to an archive portal where users can search and view past videos and custom created learning and training.
We incorporated the ability to build coursework from uploaded documents, videos, PowerPoints, etc.

The courses can be tracked, assigned to various user groups and associated with video webcasts. For example; our client can now login and upload a Word Doc, a PowerPoint and create a quiz. THis set of media objects can be grouped as a course. The objects can be placed in a required order of access forcing users to interact with the course material in a certain order. Some content can be made required, some optional. The  materials can be associated with existing past video webcasts which become part of the course. All media objects in the portal can be reused in an infinite number of courses.

The ICV Media Portal technology we build on, allows our client to build an ongoing library. Access to content by admins and users can be fully controlled through groups which can be created in any manner of hierarchy desired. create.
The progress of users as they interact with or access the content can be reported on
ICV web developers created an event creating, and registration management system for corporate events and training events. Send invites, manage payments and allow users to sign up for free or paid events internal or public.

Media Portals and more..
We are currently in the process of building an application that lets an organization visually check progress and manage projects assigned to groups in its global organization.  Groups of 5-10 coworkers called “Pods” of  coworkers will use a simple process of posting work within a shared location in the cloud. On scheduled times a multiuser screencast is shared and recorded in the “pod” This creates a video archive of the progress of the task. As progress is made documents are pushed into the “File Cabinet” within the pod. Once the task is done,  the “Pod” is closed. Admins can view a visual representation of many pods that are within their section. Colors and layout indicate progress, problems, or new goals met. Clicking on a pod gives status, and info on the project and pod, Clicking again or moving the pod affects the users in it via notifications.

This is creating a visual method of seeing where many people working together are within many complex projects. We are excited about this project.
More to come.

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