We are ramping up for a busy webcasting spring here at Live webcasting central! We are busy working in Redwood Shores creating online video based training for Oracle. 3 courses a week shooting HD video using our Flypacks outfitted with KiPro recorders and
Panasonic hpx 3100 HD cameras.
Crews came went to San Diego for a live webcast for Varian. We hosted the live Webcast for a global audience of Clinicians. The event was archived into a custom branded Media Portal we built in 2008 for Varian. This allows Varian to manage access to the content and add new content to the media library everytime we produce a new webcast. Currently they maintain 3 years of content from numerous internal and public video. We have rolled new updates to these portals, which we host regularly. Our portals and included streaming video hosting takes the need for managing updates or hosting off our clients plates.

We we asked to develop a web app that would let clinicians involved in clinical studies store data for anonymous and tracked followup studies. Data can be entered as text entry, video, audio, or uploaded. Users can tag and associate with dates and events. Meta data allows searching by result, treament details, patient outcomes and more.

We were in Monterey at the Asilomar Resort shooting live webcast for Author Deborah King. We built and deployed the live webcast Pay Per View Portal for the client. Selling access to your already well attended event lets you increase profits. Our media portals support 1000’s of Concurrentt paid viewers of your live webcast video stream. We also create an archive video library of the event. Including synchronized PowerPoint slides if the speakers used them.

ICV has added 3 more HD camera packages to our video equipment rental and video production equipment inventory. Panasonic HD HPX 3100 and Panasonic HPX 370 cameras are now available for rent. These are P2 Card cameras and can be used with our KiPro recorders. We rent full HD packages. Or you can hire our crews to go anywhere with this gear.

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