Been a Busy Webcasting Fall!

Sitting in the Back of the Room at the San Francisco Grand Hyatt. Live webcasting 3 events concurrently. And the rest of ICV’s staff is scattered about the country as I type, webcasting.,

When we first started doing this about 10 years ago, the equipment and processes available at the time (remember StreamGenie’s WorldStream?)limited what we could webcast without needing to have a huge crew and massive amounts of gear onsite… And it was very hard to integrate content easily.. Open Source thinking wasn’t where it is today..
And clients didn’t have a real understanding yet of how to benefit from webcasting as they do now. The demand is certainly there for events like this one today.

In the “Old Days” we usually webcast ONLY the Keynote sessions….

But business and the use of social live webcasting has changed. A webcast component has become a requirement of any successful event or conference and the norm in a corporate communication model.
As this change has occurred clients need multiple webcasts at events. Both Audio/Video/Synced Grpahics and Audio only.

NOW… well, today, this week, we are webcasting as many as 10 rooms at the same time.. some rooms as Video/Audio and Powerpoints, some as Audio only..

And we get that content online in an archive within hours Yes this requires more staff. We make it affordable by learning and modifying our processes and the gear we use. If you watched the video of us Packing (see earlier post below) you see that an event like this still requires a fair amount of gear. We have created a process that works well once we get that gear setup at the event. Pushbutton, no babysitting webcasting. You still have to know exactly what your doing. And it helps that we build the media portals that broadcast and deliver the webcasts.

As you may know half the challenge is getting the webcast integrated and delivered properly in whatever web container its going to be presented in.
We have a very robust portal environment that we have refined that helps us manage the multiple webcasts we do.

A recurring thread in the business of delivering Technology as a “Small Business” is

“Do I Build it or Buy it?”

I’d suggest to anyone that you give that question serious consideration.. We did. And we decided to BUILD IT….I’d suggest you do that same.

Develop your own delivery mechanism. Establish your own reseller account on a Major CDN. Have your own servers for both HTTP and RTMP if needed.
Have your own web developers so that when a client wants the webcast in a branded player that fits right into their site or intranet, you can deliver that with all the tweaks and back and forths that it will require.

Now, the rest of today and this week?? Onto Las Vegas, Chicago, Denver and, oh yeah, we are also webcasting and posting edited HD video from the CTIA convention across town here at Moscone Center right now…
Gotta fire up my Encoder and flip some slides, Break is OVER..

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