Day 1 – Webcast

Finished day 1 of a 4 day event at Harvard. Everything went well. Fantastic facility. This room is kind of cozy. Tomorrow we will be in Annenberg Hall.. A very large and historic room….We went there to day to prep and setup. Amazing place.

Annenberg Hall at Harvard – Webcast 8-2010

We humped the gear up the road a bit to the facility from the Hotel.

Technically we got through the day without a hitch. Speakers and their Powerpoints are always a challenge.

Since we webcast live synced PowerPoint slides, we are actively involved in each presentation beyond just the camerawork. We have an application which we built that send them out as the speaker presents. We control the entire live webcast presentation, chat, polls audio registration, user  access and graphics. We want to be able to control the quality of every aspect of each session we do..

JonL – Back of the Room – Harvard Faculty Club

Speakers often change things up and try to make things a challenge for us , it seems.

Very good content: Quality in Healthcare. How to maintain accuracy and eliminate errors or mistakes. Interesting perspectives.

The audience online, numbering in the hundreds was very engaged, with a lot of great questions coming in through our interactive webcast social chat.

In production you shoot and produce content in s many different subjects that you get exposed to all kinds of information.. We learn a lot about a wide range of subjects… It’s really a part of our business that we all enjoy..
We work hard to respect the importance of each session to our client. You have to maintain an awareness of the clients goals in order to be really successful at this. If you treat each job as just another A/V gig, you wont take your business to the next level.. You have to innovate and offer a partnership that brings something to the Client and their customers.. So creating applications, processes and web tools that enhance the event, drive attendance and add profit to the event is what we area always trying to do.

The physical aspect of the job of live webcasting and webinars is not to underestimated either. Getting the gear in and set up.. Then getting each piece up and hooked up, running as it should be.. Getting Macs all online, making sure that ports are open on the local network, ftp sites are open, audio is good..

There’s always some trepidation as the first “Thank you for coming today..” is heard…
Glad to have day 1 under our belt.

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