How to Webcast? Start with a good camera… please

We just shot in New Orleans.
Informatica. A major show that required lots of on site editing. Dave was in his hotel room with 4 macs hanging off the edges of the “Executive” Desk..
We fill our hotel rooms with laptops and gear..
We delivered the event archive edited on Flash Drives the next day for distribution to the attendees of the webcast. WE brought a USB Flash Drive duplicator with us.
We had to incorporate some of the video the lat Vendor had shoot. Man was it terrible.
Nothing wrong with a Canon HVX camera.. but in a rather dark room.. a Large dark room, where you have to shoot from 100 feet back… these cameras are at their limit of contrast and clarity…
The video we had was shot on a camera like that in a setting like that.. It was dark and soft..
Our HDX-900s or even our DSR 500’s have the big chips and long lenses that make for nice crisp video in low light. The lenses give us the nice close up shots that still look crisp.

The client really liked the product we delivered. Media Portal with our custom synced video streamed with synced PowerPoints..
Looks like we’ll be back to New Orleans again.
Jon and Alan were in DC at the same time and managed to record 6 audio breakouts and 1 keynote.. fairly busy.. 🙂
We’re finalizing the archive customization of the Media Portal for that client now.. The Quizzing module is being modded and customization of the User management modules are being coded into the Web Framework for them. PHP coding galore right now at the Studio..

Ya know Dave and I had last shot there in New Orleans together 1 month before Katrina.

Next week San Diego.

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