Live Studio Webcast for Abbott Labs

Sharing across borders
Abbott Labs comes into the ICV Video Studio here in the SF Bay Area to broadcast live webcasting to it’s worldwide workforce. They are converts to the effective use of webcasting synchronized Powerpoints with video, LIVE. More event webcasts for new product training this week.

They used to do this themselves in a piecemeal fashion.. now… they see that putting the package together on the web makes total sense. Live Event Webcasting at ICV…

We like it when clients see the value in raising the level of their video message. Many of you out there that might be charged with delivering messages to a national, global audience are too busy to research your options. The people you serve need to be sharing a common message; Learning, collaborating and seeing. They need to be part of an event. Learn visually. You need to engage and keep the interest of busy people. Let us know what yiou need to deliver and our HD Video production skills combined with our Live Webcasting services may be the answer.

You may have developed a plan for webcasting your messages, Live even. Possibly you are using a service of some type to build a presentation that you can then post or send out. Build an archive of events?
That’s great. I hope it works for you because you are a step ahead of what most people do and you are doing what we advocate. Combining powerful web”sites” and tools with media. You already know that you have a higher level of involvement and “buy-in” then others who are NOT sharing and communicating in this manner.

Taking it to the next level
Now let’s step it up..Are you able to mix synchronized powerpoints and video? Do you have a simple to use website that lets you post and control access to the content easily? Can you use the content in multiple training “courses” that you build, and combine it with other assets like, Word Docs, PPTs, Excel spreadsheets, quizzes, and other videos? Can you sell access? And does it look good?

You may also know that if you create good looking easy to use content .. it can be a tough sell and end up wasting your time and budget. Costly mistakes that create a sense of poor quality that turns folks off to getting your message in the future..

We tell our clients that if you are shooting video, buiding presentations yourself, and struggling to find a good way to use the web to share the content with control, why don’t you consider coming in here to our studio and let us try building a synchronized video powerpoint presentation for you.. Try it once…

We can even give you the tools to do this from your desktop using a webcam or camcorder if you care to. The video may not be HD quality and well light like you would get here…. but heck..we know that sometimes that isnt the important aspect..

The robustness of the content, it’s ease of use, it’s “interestingness” using a variety of relevant assets and it’s completeness as a package of info is what makes your messages valuable and effective..

No matter how you do it, build and share..

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