Live Webcasting from ICV Video Studio

Live Webcasting Services for AAA and AV Images


ICV has our client AV Images in our studio producing a live global webcast that will be broadcast to all AAA office locations.

Incorporating our Video Flypacks, our webcasting portal web development and our video studio and HD equipment rentals, AV Images and ICV built a set and setup a multi-switch live production.

ICV was able to provide crew and gear to complement AV Images extensive equipment and experienced staff. This type of complex live event has many moving parts requiring experienced technical staff and all kinds of specialized equipment and production techniques. AV Images and ICV have worked together on many projects.

We brought in remote Skype feeds, graphics, and a 3 camera switch using our HPX 3100 Cameras and our Panasonic HS450 Switcher and Ki-Pro recorders. Interactive discussions from various locations will be a highlight of the webcast.AAA-webcast-2015_127

AAA has been increasingly recognizing the value of Live webcasting services, and for good reason. Fast, complete, interactive live communication that can also be saved for reuse, reply, at an affordable price with very high quality content that creates high interest, involvement and engagement by the viewers.

Simplify the Complex

By utilizing equipment like Video Flypacks you remove a lot of the engineering issues that can complicate and doom a Live event webcast. Requirements of a live webcast such as matching and “shading” multiple HD Cameras, incorporating external graphic sources and computer screen display outputs, and recording to more then one digital Ki-Pro recorder so that you have ISO 1,  ISO 2,  ISO 3, Graphics and Program records. Configuring and simply properly cabling these pieces of equipment can be, and is, a daunting multihour task for 2 experienced video technicians. Our video Flypacks are prewired and have patch bays which makes hooking up your cameras and external devices and going live as simple a plug and play process as this can be, saving hours of time that can be spent on planning, directing and producing your event.

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