Live Webcasting from VMWare

Live Global Townhall Meeting webcasting at VMWare

ICV was hired to produce a series of Live Global Townhall Meeting Webcasts originating from the VMWare corporate campus in Palo Alto California. Our video flypacks make for a straightforward roll-in and setup. Our experienced full-time techs manage the entire video chain and workflow. IMG_20160225_112602

The Live webcasts area a success for VMware in both enormously enhanced user participation, awareness and quality of communications during the webcasts across their far reaching workforce. Utilizing our Tricaster equipped Video Flypacks we interface with both Camera and graphics feeds to live switch and stream to multiple bandwidths using Limelight’s edge server CDN. Our web developers build secure video players utilizing user reporting and bandwidth sensitive streaming technology.

live webcasting services


The live streams are produced twice a week updating the VMware global workforce on new product launch progress and allowing interaction between teams regarding the latest code releases.

VMWare uses live webcasting to keep teams in touch and up to date on the roadmaps within an Agile development environment.

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