Live Webcasting in Chicago HD video streaming and video Flypacks

Webcasting Services and Media Portal in Chicago

ICV was hired again to produce the annual Accountable Care,  HIT Strategies Fall Summit 2012 in Chicago Using our HD Video Flypacks – which are available as Video Flypack rentals – we simplify the remote video production process.

Live webcasting and custom web development for the client using our extendable Streaming Video Media Portal. We provide Chat and Polling tools during the live webcast. Only our ICV webcasting portal offers live synchronized Powerpoint slides with the live webcast. As part of our service we deploy and host an archive media portal for your so your audience can access archived webcast events on-demand.

The ICV Media Portal is a custom application we developed to solve the problems of managing and controlling access of all of your streaming video. Monetize that content. Sell access after the live webcast event. Use the content to building, manage assign and track learning and certification materials.

Check out the “Freeview” access to one of our live webcasting portals 


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