LIVE webcasting.. means no second takes..

In Live event webcasting, planning and experience is key..
You have to plan!

One recent experience in Istanbul Turkey at a live event webcast was, not really TYPICAL (This had never happened before to us) but nevertheless, was something we PLAN for..
We always bring backups, plan the event and always have a fallback plan..
The in-house Turkish A/V Crew had an issue… The Audio Mixer suddenly failed.. 45 minutes before the webcasting event.
We had no audio…
WE have had crazy things happen before os. we were not panicing …. yet..

We rushed over to help and deduced that the FUSE had blown.. We have the same mixers that they used. Mackies… great audio gear for webcasting an event..
We happened to have a but how to webcast without a mixer??
Now a fuse is s dumb little thing but you usually dont carry them since they RARELY blow. The Mixers, as well as some of our other gear, have a provision for a spare fuse to be carried in the Fuse Holder..
Theirs was EMPTY…

Now one of the Planning items we go through before packing video equipment for an HD video shoot or an Event Webcast is believe it or not … FUSES..
We had an extra fuse in our 12 Volt Power Adapters as well as in our Mackie mixer…

Crisis averted….

Make sure you check the little things..
Run through your “chain” as I mentioned in a previous post…
Something like this..
Camera, Power? FUSES, Tape, Right Size? Length? Camera Plate, Tripod, DO they fit together?Battery, 4 pin cable, Power Adapter, UPCord, FUSES, …….

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