Orlando Webcasts – LMS Portal

ICV Spent 4 days webcasting for Coding Conferences in Orlando Florida.

3 Days of live webcasting focused on medical billing coding training and certification. The webcasting component is only a part of the entire Enterprise Media and Learning Management that we are providing Coding Conferences, as well as a growing roster of other clients.

Our LMS and Media Portal product is undergoing final customizations for a targeted January Deployment for Coding Conferences. This powerful and flexible ICV Media Portal tool serves as a flexible Learning Management System and a media creation and asset management tool. Coding Conferences will be able to create online presentations with video right within the tool. Any Live webcasts we produce will be webcast from within the Conference Module where access can be sold or controlled.

The learning management tools the ICV Media Portal provides will allow them to create and assign to users, training programs consisting of these video presentations that they create along with custom fully featured quizzing, and program courses, while also allowing them to make use of existing Powerpoint’s, word Documents, spreadsheets as elements of training courses.
User management will allow user creation and assignments and full reporting and tracking for certification.

More and more of our clients are seeing the value of ICV’s end to end services of Live Webcasting Video Production for deployment into the LMS Asset management ICV Media Portal where they can then use the easy to use tools to continue building a valuable Learning, training and asset portal that can bring continued value and profit.

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