Packing for Webcasting

Web Developers Don’t Travel

We packed today for a webcast in Boston. Leaving Saturday night (I am) and Live Webcasting Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Harvard. The audience will be in the many hundreds.  I’ll meet the others there on Sunday.
I spent much of the day working on and learning more about DRUPAL as I work on a website. I’ll be doing  a bit of web development there, Jon will be doing a lot of web dev in support of the webcast. They never told you in Webdesign Summer Camp that you’d be traveling  did they?gear
Then about 3:30 I had to get up and start packing as Dave was getting everything setup. 
You have to have a plan. We are always evolving what we do. Anything we do that makes us more efficient helps the client save and make money. Anything we do to make the webcast delivery more interesting and useful to the audience helps the client be successful in meeting their goal be it training, discussion, marketing.. whatever.. 
Over the years we have altered the gear we take as we change the way we webcast,. That changes the way that we organize the process of loading up, traveling, getting the gear to the location and loading in. You have to stay aware of the gear.
Dave has a method and process that we try to follow. And it works pretty well. We have a checklist that we use as we pull gear in the equipment room, but you still worry anytime you’re taking gear on the road. You always figure it’s going to be YOU that forgets the critical piece of gear..
This hooks into this and that goes here…
Any Video Production guy/gal knows the drill..
You have your gear. You get it together and you run through your head the “path”.. Dave and I learned this years ago and it is a standard operating procedure.
Power Adapter
Power Cord
Camera Plate
Multipin Cable…..
We actually lay the gear out and do a faux hookup..
You lay it out, or touch it and look at everything one last time as you say it out loud..
“Camera, Camera Plate,,”
Before you pack up and go..
And you have to do this yourself… 
You’re going to be running in and out of planes and cabs and hotels so you wont have another chance to check anything until your there…
So you gotta do this. And you have to make sure YOU are confident that every cable, memory card, device you need is there. WIth some kind of backup plan.. It’s not so bad if it happens around the Bay Area but 3500 miles away? nahh…
Packing it On
Not only video gear but also audio gear. We bring at least 4 Macbook Pros to every webcast. Its the way we do it. We travel with as few “bags” as possible to keep it simple and cost effective. We pack clothes with tapes and cables.. Monitors with socks and shoes..And now that most airlines charge for at least the second bag, Dave has even started testing the scales at the check-in counters to find the most “Friendly scales.
You dont want to be behind us at the security check point.. We need 6 trays just for our laptops, shoes and stuff..
Some people get  annoyed….and some ask,,,”Why do you need all of those?”
We need a good comeback for that….anyone?
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