Protect your Power Strips

It’s human nature. And I suppose it has become an expected courtesy in business.. Sharing your power, wireless or USB ports…

People expect that anywhere they go, if someone there is connected and powered up, that they won’t mind sharing that power or connectivity with anyone with a device. As if there is some common bond we all share.. Some club we all belong too that has a Motto that says.
“Always share your power USB ports and internet connection with others” (As you hold up a smartphone…)

It happens all the time when we are webcasting. And I can understand the attraction of our most impressive arary of equipment that gives the impression of FULL PHOENIX FIREWALL 200 AMP VPN TUNNELING CONNECTIVITY….What with Mac’s and Mixers, and encoders and wires and cables everywhere..

But we hear it at every event..
“Mind if I plug my phone into your USB port to charge up?”
“Can you give me the Wireless access code?”
“Where is a plug I can use?”

Sometimes they just grab our power strips and pull plugs out to make room for their big bulky chargers!

A couple years ago.. A guy pulled our “master” plug out to charge his laptop…It was somewhat exposed on a column in front of the tables we were at.. Not taped over completely…

PPHHfffttt…….Down went the webcast and all our gear…
We had to go out there and unplug his laptop and plug our gear back in and deal with the fella as he felt it was not a problem at all… Mind you,there were plenty of other outlets…

Now we DUCT and GAFF tape everything and hide the power strips… We try to plug in behind us in the narrow area between our Risers for the cameras and the wall..
And if people ask for some USB love… We say…
“Sorry I cant do that” because.. Well, we Can’t!.

That’s the last thing we need is to have a process like our Final Cut Capture or the web stream to stutter while the Mac recognizes BOB’S PHONE..

So be stingy with your power….

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