VMWare Radio show live Webcast from San Francisco

Worldwide VMware Live Webcasting Event

Palo Alto and San Francisco were the locations last week for a multi-point live webcast of the Annual VMware Radio webcast. Spanning 3 days of discussions and presentations, the webcast offered VMWare employees the opportunity to network, learn and share their experiences and their internal projects with their co-workers around the globe.

Webcasting to Asia, Europe, South America and the US, ICV set up an HD Video Production flypack in San Francisco at the SF Hilton Grand Ballroom. Our Tricasters took the video feed from client MPC’s HD video cameras and relayed it to our media encoders in the VMware Palo Alto headquarters. That signal was then webcast to the internal VPN and secure network for the VMware global audience.

Sharing video streaming securely via the web is something which ICV has years of webcasting experience with.

If you have internal video communication goals, contact ICV to learn more about our secure media portal webcast process.

925-426-8230 or www.conferencewebcasting.com


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