Webcasting from CTIA Wireless

Dave is Back of Room at Mosconce Center live webcasting for the CTIA Wireless show. We have production and post-production staff on site. We are shooting live HD from the floor, mixing that with keynote presentations going out live, and shooting intereviews and demos in the “Buzz Zone”.

We have 2 After Effects Mac edit systems there. Running multicore Macs staffed by Jack and Tyler, a Dynamic Duo of FCP Editors Extraordinaire.

We’re shooting on the floor with our HDX 900 cameras, recording that to our AJA Ki-Pro Digital recorders. We are swapping those out and hooking them to the Final Cut edit systems where Jack and Tyler are cutting the 16×9 video with interstitials. We render, encode and post that live to the Web.

Simultaneously webcasting the General Sessions as well.
We set this event up while we were running 3 webcasts at the Grand Hyatt across town here in San Francisco. Dave spent a lot of time running across SF this week from shoot to shoot..

Next week we are in Denver for the BMA webcast.. Then same week, Chicago for the IRCE webcast.

These AJA Ki-Pros are great devices. We use them now instead of our Firestores when we need to move video to the edit process in a hurry. A nice adjunct to our Firestores that work great as well. We are moving the Ki-Pros into our video gear rental stable so if you want to try one out, give us a call.

Back to the Webcast.

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