Webcasting in Indiana for HCPRO

ICV produces live webcast for HCpro in Ft. Wayne Indiana

Taking crew and gear to Indiana we were onsite for another Live certification training webcast. This client produces a series of evetns year round at various locations aroudn the country. Selling online training. They utilize ICV’s Media Portal to manage and sell access to all of their video and media content. OUr Media Portal allows them to create license groups of users and sell and control access to on-demand video courses.
We work for HCPro producing and managing the entire online streaming live and on-demand webcast process. We utilize our HD video Production equipment at these events. Bringing ultra mini Flypacks and HPX-370 cameras.

We use custom media player and web application to provide live syncronized Powerpoint slides wiht the video. After the evetn they can sell ongoing access to their content. Management of content and control of the users is easy for the client. They manage and operate their branded media portal in house. It’s setup to be that easy to use and deploy.
Are you selling access to your media? DO you need video content and someone to build and manage your web presence to manage it?
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