Looking for Pizza in DC

Webcasting in Washington DC

I’m in DC at the JW Marriott. Great property, Webcasting a Pharmaceutical event. In Monday out Friday.
Worked with a great Local Cameraman Cameron. We were stretched thin staff wise as we had Denver and Chicago again this week. And a big multi room Live event in LA starting in a few days..
Lots of people in the video business are not used to working in a Professional environment. Lot’s of people in media have this contractor kind of mentality. I don’t mean this in a harsh way but.. The common attitude we see with people in Audio / Video that hire themselves out is that they are not building relationships. Only working the day… This is one way ICV tries to be different.

I take that back. We don’t TRY to be different. We in fact DO have a different mentality.. We DO try to build relationships and find new business and partnerships by being a helpful resource. As a result of that, we carry ourselves a certain way. We never want to be the one that someone on the shoot remembers as the “Cool”, too hip to work bunch.. We want to be the ones that are discussing future plans and ideas with the client.. and showing them something we have done that they can use.

Heck. We have seen studio crews in our own Video Studio back in California that are a bunch of goofs.. We rent our large Green Screen sound stage video studio out a lot to production companies from not only the SF Bay Area but visiting Production companies from all over California L.A. etc… Not too long ago my partner Dave came out of the studio. There rental was to an out of town crew from L.A. He was shaking his head and told me that he found one of the crews’ freelance hired PA’s up in our storage loft sleeping while the shoot was going on….
We marveled at the audacity of someone to be so unconcerned about their livelihood… It wasn’t our crew, so….
So last night in DC.. All I wanted was a Pizza.. Asked the Concierge and sent me to 14th and 9th…. Not a big deal, 5 blocks. I like to walk it off if I eat pizza anyhow.. but I swear there was no Pizza Place at 14th and 9th. Now I may work with techy stuff, but I carry a basic cell phone. Not even a data plan.. I’m frugal, but I can get Gmail on it…
So I didn’t have the fancy “Where are you Now” GPS stuff like some nerds do…
I ended up walking about 20 blocks (and liking it)…. Just walking in the evening.. I went into the Spy Museum.

Leaving I waked past a brightly lit white gallery with cool paintings. I could see that it was an Opening… I wasn’t dressed for it. but I feel at home in any Gallery..I draw and like wild art.

So when the 2 super hipsters at the Sign in table asked me if I knew the artist. I Said
“No. but I am an artist, does that count” All in good jest..
The “cool chick” in asymmetrical brown hair with dark almost blood red streaks asked me “Oh Really? What medium?” snarkily…

All I wanted to do was see the lightly applied acrylics with textures done up in some kind of stringy fabric applied to the paint..in orange and red big wide strokes on large landscape canvases…

I noticed she was doodling… not real well. I mean it doesn’t have to be realism, but a good line and composition is .. a identifiable to anyone…
“I doodle too!” I said..
She pushed the pad and pencil at me….
and looked up. ‘I’d Love to see one….” I couldn’t tell if she was really being snarky…but I thought so.

I was feeling pretty loose and in about 1 minute I had a pretty damn cool drawing of her standing like Wonder Woman (obviously her ’cause of her exaggerated haircut and off the shoulder ripped shirt..) with her arms akimbo and a guy laying out under her boot on his chest, with knockout “stars” over him,..
All pencil and kinda loosely drawn..came out great.
She was obviously shocked that the scruffy old man knew how to use a Number #2…

She had name tags on the table, but I didn’t see one with “my” name on it..
“You’re name is Maribel”? I looked at her name tag…

“Yeah…” I wrote Maribel over the girl in the drawing in Comic Book Script arched over the drawing and finished it up to look like a comic book cover….
I pushed the drawing at her and flipped it around towards her..

“I’ll trade this for a Name tag..”
The guy sitting next to her was smiling “That is totally YOU!” he said. grabbing it..
She was not happy…. I knew she was feeling that Inferior artist thing that only an artist can understand.. It’s not something you can really get THAT much better at.. You got it or ya don’t..So if you’re banking on your art talent to build yourself up in the eyes of others.. You are gonna get knocked down somewhere.. She just got knocked down..
I took a name tag, wrote my name on it and spent the next 20 minutes checking out the art and the hipsters…

On the way back to the hotel I passed a Panini place… Wasn’t very good but.. It worked…

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